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Rejuvenating Spa Treatments in Fort Lauderdale

The three most common spa services are massage, facials, and body therapy. They all impact the skin and most cause rejuvenation to the body. There are several different types of spa services that you can get. However, there are main categories that most spas specialize in: massage therapy, body treatments, facials and waxing. Massages are relaxating treatments that helps to ease tension in the muscles and soothe the mind.

Often, the most requested services in spas is massage therapy. Massages provide a lot of benefits, including better circulation, improved mental and physical health, enhanced relaxation, and stress relief. Body treatments are like a facial for your whole body. They cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate all of your body. This is not just the skin the face. Your entire body will feel softer, smoother, and much more rejuvenated.

Detox wraps are filled with ingredients that release impurities and stimulate your circulation. You will feel some heat and some light perspiration too. This type of wrap helps to remove toxins and introduces vitamins and minerals into the body to promote health and healing.

Another source of rejuvenation can come from a full body scrub spa treatment. In this treatment,  you change out of your clothing and lay down on a treatment table. The scrub is then massaged onto your skin by your esthetician and may be followed by a mask. The exfoliating products, dead skin cells, and debris are then rinsed from your body with water.

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